Message From Principal

Rajan Prasad Kaphle

SS: For Smart Students.

Student after SEE are in the biggest transition of their life. The changes they experience is similar to butterfly emerging from chrysalis. Some students may jump ahead, discovering the world of ideas, opening their imaginations and understanding the potential results of their choices and actions. At the same time, millions of students with unlimited potential may come to believe that they are incapable of accomplishing anything significant and hence lack motivation to succeed. We are aware that low self-esteem can become a vicious cycle of despair. Thus, we are guided by the principle that affirmation is a wonderful gift that we can offer our students and put into practice; we catch them in the act of doing something good.

SS College is a real platform for those zealous students who aspire to fight the challenges of knowledge driven economy with the ideology of humanity. We aims to build hassle-free learning environment where every student finds himself/herself honored and addressed helping to develops their competence level. SS always takes pride in consisting of the best faculties, a congenial surrounding and resultant administrative body with substantial experience in the academic sector.

We provide privileges and opportunities to blend traditional knowledge with contemporary issues. Further,  students are asked to engage not only with literary texts but also with immediate and imminent socio-political concerns.

The overwhelming love, support and faith of our esteemed students and guardians are the rewards for us. The students’ success and better assimilation in society even after their formal education for more than a decade is the index of academic excellence and quality education we are delivering. We heartily encourage you toe explore all that SS has been offering.

Welcome to SS Family!!!