Message From Principal

Rajan Prasad Kaphle

It’s evident that SS recognizes the transformative nature of the post-SEE period in students’ lives. The analogy of butterflies emerging from chrysalis signifies the potential for students to discover new ideas, expand their imaginations, and understand the consequences of their choices and actions. However, it’s also acknowledged that some students, despite their unlimited potential, may struggle with self-doubt and lack motivation. This understanding of the negative impact of low self-esteem emphasizes the importance of affirmation and recognizing students’ positive actions and accomplishments.

SS presents itself as a platform for enthusiastic students who aspire to tackle the challenges of a knowledge-driven economy while upholding the values of humanity. The institution’s goal is to create a hassle-free learning environment where every student feels honored and supported, facilitating his or her competence development. The emphasis on blending traditional knowledge with contemporary issues reflects a commitment to providing a well-rounded education.

The pride taken in having the best faculty, congenial surroundings, and an experienced administrative body with substantial academic sector experience suggests a commitment to maintaining high educational standards. SS aims to offer privileges and opportunities that contribute to student’s academic and personal growth.

The overwhelming love, support, and faith expressed by students and guardians are seen as the rewards for SS, reflecting the institution’s dedication to their success. The ability of students to assimilate into society after almost two decades of formal education is regarded as evidence of the academic excellence and quality of education provided by SS.

Ultimately, SS encourages students to embrace the opportunities that lie ahead, challenge themselves, and strive for excellence. The institution believes that the journey at SS is not solely about acquiring a degree but also about personal growth and becoming the best version of oneself.


Welcome to SS Family!!!