Message From Chairman

Kedar Khadka

‘A centre of learning’

I would like to congratulate all the stakeholders of SS for making this institution a centre of excellence within short span of time. Today, SS is renowned for its high degree of professional services for quality education.

More than a decade of its outstanding academic outcome is the vital evidence of quality consciousness. Our guiding motto “A mission to academic excellence and beyond…” helps to emphasize on social justice, ecologically sustainable practices, indigenous knowledge infusion and content excellence from the core of theory, practice and pedagogy.

We care about our students and insist on high quality of performance through individual guidance and experiential learning. We always look for new ways to engage students in highly collaborative settings that provide the necessary tools and support for students entering a competitive education market.

Thus, dear students, I would like to welcome you all at SS to meet your expected goal.

We believe the principle of performance and effectiveness as outcome.

SS for Smart Student!